Ovens & Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Commercial kitchens are busy places and though regular cleaning might take place, dirt and grease can still build up on ovens and fryers– requiring a deeper clean that takes effort and time.

Let our highly trained professional cleaners do all the hard work – so your kitchen equipment is left sparkling clean and your team can focus on getting their work done.

Great results

Apple Blossom’s specialist cleaning equipment saves on elbow grease and cleans your kitchen equipment thoroughly and efficiently. We use top quality degreasers and sanitisers, and an ultrasonic dip tank to remove grease with less chemicals and reduced wear on parts.

Whether cleaning your oven, fryer or combi, your equipment will be left clean and shiny – cutting nasty odours and smoking, working more efficiently and leaving it more pleasant to use.

Being a fine food business cleanliness is very important and we we received good service from friendly staff. We are very happy.


Minimise costs

Avoid downtime – bringing in our professional cleaners means your kitchen staff can focus on their jobs, and let our cleaners keep equipment in great condition. Our cleaning teams understand the pressure of commercial kitchens and can schedule cleaning around your service times – even overnight if necessary.

And by making sure your ovens and fryers are kept clean, you’ll maximise their operational life, and also ensure compliance with environmental health requirements - improving your food hygiene classification and reputation.

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