Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Grease builds up in areas you can see and those you can't - causing fire risks and reducing the performance of your extract system.

Apple Blossom Cleaning uses a unique foam and mechanical brush system that can reach your whole kitchen extractor system - including your ductwork - and gets it clean fast.

Total peace of mind

Deep cleaning, along with our detailed report, photographic evidence and certification of compliancy, means you can relax knowing your kitchen extraction meets all fire safety and insurance requirements, to full TR19 standards - and isn't causing risk to your business.

Cut your costs

Clean kitchen extractors work more efficiently - reducing the stress on the equipment and extending it's life.

And because our regular surveys can check the state of your whole extraction system, you won't get charged for cleaning when it's not needed.

Get your FREE survey worth £50

Claim a free survey of your kitchen extraction & ductwork worth £50. Your survey will include:

  • Schematic drawings of your ductwork
  • Airflow test of the system - so you can measure how well it's working
  • Internal photos of the system - see the condition it's in
  • Grease micron readings and evaluation
  • Advisory notes of problems and issues

AND, if it meets required TR19 safety standards, we'll even certify its performance for environmental health/fire regs/insurance purposes.

Minimal disruption to your kitchen

Kitchens are busy places, we understand. Our cleaning system allows us to clean your extractor system far quicker than traditional methods - even fitting in-between services.

We'll work with you to clean your canopy and ductwork at a time to suits you - day or night, where necessary.

We make it easy for you

There's no worrying about co-ordinating work between different companies.

We'll manage the whole process from start to finish - from survey, to cleaning, to certification - we can even install service hatches to your ductwork if necessary.

Areas of the ductwork were previously inaccessible even with inspection hatches, but Apple Blossom had no problems cleaning the complete system.

The pre-clean survey was very comprehensive, allowing us a detailed report on the condition of the extraction system, and the post-clean report that included before and after photos, airflow readings and grease levels.

The cleaning not only left the system compliant with our insurance company, it’s no longer a fire risk and has increased airflow within the kitchen.

David Bleay, Slebach Park

Apple Blossom Cleaning use a Tegras Mechanical Brushing system that allows us to reach and clean your whole extraction system - including your ducting.

It's patented combination of foam and mechanical brush get your extractor far cleaner than is possible by hand. See how it works...

We're the only company in South Wales licensed to use this unique system and, right now, we're offering a free initial survey for a limited time only.

Call us on 01834 86 26 26 for more details and to get a quote.

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