Carpet Cleaning

Transform your carpets, bringing them back to their best condition with our expert carpet cleaning.

Regularly cleaning of your carpet not only helps keep your home look clean and bright, but helps extend your carpet’s life – saving you money

Major carpet manufacturers such as Axminster and Cormar recommend that carpets are cleaned every 12 months – though cleaning may be needed more frequently if the carpet’s in a high usage area, like a hallway or kitchen.

Focus on the science

Our highly trained staff, take a scientific approach to cleaning your carpet, testing fibres to determine the fabric and pH levels and the composition of any stains to match the cleaning chemicals to the job at hand.

Different fabrics require different chemicals to ensure they’re cleaned properly and to avoid damage. We only use Prochem chemicals, which are widely acknowledged to be the best available – and even come with a royal warrant.

Our approach means that we’re capable, and fully insured, to safely clean all types of fabric including pure wool, and dry clean only fabrics. We’re even able to offer clinical cleaning for stains such as blood and other bodily fluids.

As usual I had a very good service - the carpet was cleaned to a high standard. Bob was efficient, helpful and gave me advice and, as usual, delivered excellent service. Wouldn't think of going elsewhere!

Vicky R

6 steps to clean carpets

Our six stage cleaning process ensures carpets are cleaned thoroughly and effectively:

  1. We thoroughly examine the carpet to identify the construction and material of the carpet and an appraisal of any stains to identify them and match the correct treatment.
  2. We vacuum clean with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt and grit buried in the carpet (if not done properly, remaining dirt will turn to mud when wet and bleed through after cleaning).
  3. All areas are pre spayed – helping to loosen the dirt & grit in the carpet pile.
  4. Only then do we clean the carpets with the latest hot water extraction machines, leaving your carpets cleaned and deodorised, smelling wonderful. They are dry to the touch, but normally fully dry in 2 to 3 hours.
  5. Remaining stains are treated with appropriate specialised stain removal products and removed.
  6. The carpet is then raked to revitalise the fibres and lift the pile. Leaving your carpets and rugs looking beautiful and completely refreshed.

Rug Cleaning

We can clean rugs just as effectively as carpets – even those requiring specialist cleaning such as oriental silk rugs.

If it’s more convenient for you, drop your rug in to our Narbeth offices and we’ll have it cleaned ready for you to pick up. Saving you time and money.

Don’t forget your upholstery

We take the same careful approach to cleaning your three-piece suites, settees and chairs.

Whatever your material, from velour to leather, we’ll ensure the correct cleaning techinques and chemicals are used, to leave your chairs looking bright and clean once again.

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Cleaning chair upholstery at Torch Theatre

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