Floors and Carpets

Keep your floors and carpets looking beautiful with our specialist floor cleaning services.

Our highly trained cleaners use industry leading techniques and equipment to get great results, so your floors stay looking fantastic for longer.

Carpet & Uphostery Cleaning

Get amazing results with our expert carpet cleaning.

Our highly trained staff analyse the composition of your carpet and any stains, and then choose use the equipment and chemicals that will clean your carpets most effectively.

By tailoring our processes to suit the type of fibres and backing of your carpet, as well as any major stains, we can be confident of getting outstanding results, without causing any damage to your carpets.

Whether it's your carpet or upholstery that needs cleaning,  Apple Blossom's approach will leave your home looking fantastically clean.


See how our 6 step carpet cleaning process gets great results

Floor Cleaning

We're expert at cleaning and maintaining stone and synthetic floors. Apple Blossom will help you keep your floors clean and looking great.

Whether a one-off polish or a regular cleaning schedule, we'll work with you to create a tailored cleaning plan based on your needs to keep your floors in great condition.

We evaluate the floor material, anticipated maintenance and expected levels of wear to choose the correct equipment and polishes to keep your floor looking great.

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