Window Cleaning

Bring back the sparkle to your windows – whether at work or at home.

Our window cleaners use the latest ‘Thermopure’ Reach and Wash system to leave your windows beautifully clean - with no fuss and no ladders.

Beats a bucket and squeegee

Traditional window cleaning with a squeegee leaves a thin film of detergent on the window, which attracts dirt – meaning your window get dirty faster.

Unlike many hose based systems, our Reach and Wash systems use hot water that goes through a 6 stage filtration process that removes all traces of dirt, bacteria and calcium so that your windows dry perfectly streak-free – and stay clean for longer.

And because we use soft bristle brushes and detergent free water, we are able to clean a wide variety of fragile glass, including stained-glass windows.


Because Apple Blossom continue to listen to our needs and deliver a high quality cleaning service for our offices throughout the whole of Wales they are Hafan Cymru's only preferred office cleaning service.

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High Reach Window Cleaning

Better water

Using hot water for cleaning gives better results. Hot water is less dense, so absorbs dirt more easily and dries more quickly. To improve its effectiveness, our water goes through a complex 6 stage filtration process

o Softener
o Carbon filter
o Reverse osmosis unit
o Deioniser
o Nuclear grade deioniser
o UV light filter

This process removes impurities to just 1 part per billion, leaving ultra-pure water that cleans more effectively and dries to an incredible shine. And because it uses no detergent, it’s safe on all types of glass.

Go anywhere

Without the need for ladders, we can reach up to 65 feet from the floor. So whether you’ve a bungalow or an office block we can clean your windows efficiently and beautifully.

Our window cleaning vans carry their own water and power supply. giving us the ability to clean absolutely anywhere. And because our system uses hot water, we can clean windows in temperatures as low as -15°C – giving you clean window all year around.

High Reach Window Cleaning

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