Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are at their most efficient when cleaned regularly – and even self-cleaning panels may need professional cleaning from time to time to ensure they perform at their best.

Maximise your electricity production with Apple Blossom Cleaning’s ‘Thermopure’ Reach and Wash system that leave your panels perfectly clean - with no fuss and no ladders.

Safe for Solar Panels

Our Reach and Wash systems uses hot water that goes through a 6 stage filtration process that removes all traces of dirt, bacteria and calcium. This process removes impurities to just 1 part per billion, leaving ultra-pure water that cleans more effectively.

With no detergent needed, there are no risk of chemicals damaging your solar panels, and the because the purified water contains no minerals, there is no residue left behind – so your panels are left sparkling clean.


Cleaning rooftop solar panels with lift and reach system

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Clean rooftop solar panels

Safe, flexible solar panel cleaning

We can reach solar panels up to 65 feet from the floor, removing the need for ladders and the potential for falls and roof damage.

Our cleaning vans carry their own water and power supply. giving us the ability to clean absolutely anywhere. And because our system uses hot water, we can even clean solar panels in temperatures as low as -15°C.

Whether you need a one off clean or a regular schedule to maintain your system’s efficiency, we deliver a reliable courteous service – Call us on 01834 86 26 26 for more details and to get a quote.

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