Gutter Cleaning

Clogged up gutters can cause roof leaks or damp and water damage to your home or commercial premises.

Our gutter cleaning service efficiently removes debris from your gutters, making sure they work effectively and helping avoid expensive repairs.

Avoid bigger problems

Experts recommend cleaning your gutters each year to stop them getting clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris.

This clutter is the biggest cause of damage to gutters and can cause rainwater to overflow and damage your roof or leak into walls. Blocked gutters also make appealing homes for pests, rodents, and bees.

As a result, regular cleaning of your gutters can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in repairs.


We have used Apple Blossom Cleaning for many years. They are really brilliant at their job and the staff that they have are very professional. We have never has cause to complain and I would highly recommend their service to anyone.

Geraldine D

Fast efficient gutter cleaning

Our high reach gutter cleaning system allows our cleaners to work from the ground to remove debris from gutters. The system combines a high-power vacuum with a wireless camera, allowing the cleaners to clearly see what they’re doing via live high definition video without a ladder in sight – reducing the chance of accidents.

Our system has its own power source so, with no need to plug into mains electricity, and combined with its high reach, there are no limits to where it can clean.


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