Exterior Cleaning

If the outside of your building is looking grubby and tired, Apple Blossom's cleaning teams can work wonders.

From pressure washing of walls and driveways, to window cleaning or gutter clearing, our expert teams use the most up to date technology to get great results efficiently and safely.

High Reach Window Washing

Window Cleaning

Get windows that sparkle with our 'Thermopure' reach and wash system. It uses ultra-pure hot water to clean your windows beautifully - without leaving a dirt-attracting film behind.

Our ladderless system reaches up to 65 feet high, and comes with its own water and power supply, meaning we're able to clean wherever you need it.

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Pressure Washing

Whether you’re looking to pressure wash your driveway or an office block,  our variable pressure industrial grade washing system is perfect for the job.

With pressure that can be altered to suit the material being cleaned, and with the option of ultra-pure water cleaning where a chemical cleaner isn't suitable, our pressure washing delivers great results without causing damage.

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Pressure washing in progress clearing a path

Gutter Clearing

Blocked gutters are one of the major causes of damp in your property, causing rainwater to leak through roofs and walls, rather than being carried away harmlessly.

Regular cleaning of your gutters and clearing of debris can therefore save you a fortune in future repairs. 

Apple Blossom's high reach gutter system means our cleaners can clear your gutters quickly and efficiently - without the need for ladders.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping solar panels clean keeps them working at their most efficient.

Our 'Thermopure' reach and wash system uses ultra-pure hot water to clean panels safely, requiring no damaging chemicals to get great results. 

The system requires no water or power supply, and the high reach brushes mean that no ladders are required, so our cleaning teams can tackle jobs that are normally out of reach.

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Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning

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