Holiday Cottage Caretaking

Whether a flat or mansion, we make managing your holiday property easy. Keeping your property clean and well-presented, means guests are more likely to enjoy their stay, give great feedback and improves their likelihood of returning – increasing your rental income.

We’ll make sure your property is maintained in perfect condition and be the point of contact for guests, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Changeover days made easy

Changeover days can be hassle-free!

Our caretakers can manage the whole day and ensure your new guests are get the wow factor when they arrive.

We can ensure cleaners are on hand after checkout to thoroughly clean the property; we can change towels and linens; and we can set out welcome packs or gifts for those special occasions - and ensure keys are accessible.

At Capell Cottages we expect our cleaners to maintain the highest standards for our guests - but Apple Blossom’s service goes go far beyond dusting and hoovering. As anyone who runs a holiday cottage will tell you, things can go wrong at anytime. Night or day. A blocked drain! A broken cooker! Lost keys! The list seems endless. So when our guests have a problem that may spoil their holiday, we can trust Gwen and her team at Apple Blossom to move heaven and earth to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

We consider them to be our ‘rapid response team’. Cleaners, caretakers and crisis managers - that’s the service Apple Blossom provide. And that’s why we have trusted them implicitly to manage our six holiday cottages for over 6 years.


Clean bedroom turned around for guests

Keep your property in perfect condition

We provide a short questionnaire to guests on departure to check if there were any problems that need to be attended to, and will make sure issues are taken care of as quickly as possible.

We’ll let you know about any unresolvable issues, such as worn out bedding or broke furniture or appliances, and we’re able to arrange for faulty equipment to be replaced or repaired, or tradesmen to call.

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